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May. 18th, 2008 | 06:28 pm

How to Use a Soda Fountain
from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

A soda fountain found in almost every fast food establishment, or in most fast food type eatery. Before using it however, make sure you pay for your glass of pop. Even if it stands out in area where there are no employees, remember, it is not free!


  1. Pay for a soda at the counter. Take the glass or paper cup that they give you, or use the one that stands next to the soda fountain.
  2. Place the empty cup, hole side up, under the ice dispenser and use cup to apply gentle pressure to the activating lever. Remove the cup when the ice has reached your desired level.
  3. Decide which drink you want. Use your cup to apply pressure to the activating lever directly below your drink of choice. Note that some fountains employ a push-button style switch which will need to be activated by pressure from a firm object, such as a finger.
  4. Hold the glass with the ice under one dispenser at a time, if you are going to mix sodas, or under just the one of your choice if you are only going to get one.
  5. Soda fizzes so be sure you watch and stop before it overfills. Select the size cover or lid meant the size drink you paid for and place it on the cup securely. Push a straw into the opening on top of the lid.


  • Use caution while activating the ice / soda machine. Too little pressure will not correctly activate the machine, while too much pressure will crush your cup, rendering it unusable. Varied pressure will usually cause spilling.
  • The water lever is normally a little button located in the same place as one of the choices, usually underneath a non-carbonated beverage such as lemonade, iced tea, or fruit punch. Of course, if you're just getting water, most places will give you a small water cup for free.
  • Put the ice in the glass first to prevent splashing.
  • Don't drink soda directly from the fountain.
  • If you don't like ice in your soda, skip it, since normally the soda is stored right underneath the ice dispenser.
  • To reduce fizz "head," hold cup at angle while filling so that the soda hits the side of the cup. This way, you don't need to wait for fizz to die down, insuring you get all the soda you payed for.


  • Usually there are free refills, but ask before going back for seconds. Fast food restaurants are almost invariably free refill restaurants.
  • Make sure the lid is on tightly, otherwise it might tip over and spill from the added weight and leverage of the straw.
  • Hold the cup at the middle. If you hold the bottom, it can slip out of your hands. If you hold it at the top, your hand may accidentally crush the lid and cause the cup to fall to the ground, spilling everywhere.
  • In many restaurants, there are clear plastic cups located next to the fountain for customers to drink water from. These cups are solely for water, and if you are caught with soda in them you will have to purchase a soda and/or leave the premises.

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